Quality Assurance Policy

At DAN HARRY NIG. LTD we believe in doing the right thing the very first time and ensuring it is right until the end of the task.  Every facet of our business holds foremost in our mind that the only thing that can guarantee our clients satisfaction is the quality of jobs and service we render to them and also delivery of these goods and services safe and promptly.

We hold our clients in high esteem and will stop at nothing to see that they are satisfied so to this end, we shall continue to render services which comply with contract specification and regulatory requirements.  Therefore, when in need of a strong and dependable partner to handle your general fiber glass/polyester works, marine transportation and logistics need the best option undoubtedly is DAN HARRY NIG LTD.

DAN HARRY NIG. LTD expects all its employees and contractors to strictly adhere to this policy at all times.